Request a Volunteer Doula

As doulas, we believe that our support is beneficial to all expectant families, and we're committed to providing access to doulas for as many families as possible. For this reason, many of us offer our services on a sliding scale, accept payment plans, and/or accept barter arrangements. Some also volunteer our services at times, either to gain experience as we begin our careers, or to donate our time to families in great need.

If you are an expectant parent who finds it difficult to afford a full fee, we encourage you to contact several doulas to inquire about sliding scales and other assistance. Many of us will be glad to help as best we can, in consideration of our own financial situation.

If your family qualifies for WIC, you are eligible for participation in our Volunteer/Stipend Doula Program, which provides doula care at no cost to the client. This program pays a small subsidy to experienced doulas who wish to participate in supporting low-income families. Please fill out the form below and our Program Coordinator will contact you with more information.