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The Maternity Angel
36 Steam Mill Rd
Most of Franklin County, Northampton, East Hampton, Hadley
Angela Vargas

Professional Qualifications

Baystate Franklin Medical Center, Other Hospital
Birth After Loss, Blessingways/Mother Blessings, Homebirth
  • 2-4 Prenatal visits where we will get to know each other, I will learn and understand your needs, we'll discuss your fears and concerns and we can include an educational/informational session totally tailored to your needs so that you can feel fully empowered and prepared for your birth!! (I can also include Reiki service if family's interested) 
  • Unlimited support throughout the pregnancy via telephone/Zoom or other platforms (can discuss in person if needed/wanted) 
  • Labor, birth and delivery
  • 1 or 2 postpartum visits 

Hi there!! :) 

My name is Angela. I am a mom to two angel babies who decided it was not their time to come yet (2019, 2022) and a beautiful baby girl who completely changed me and my life! 

When I was pregnant, I didn't know anything about pregnancy or birth, just the typical "traditional" information that my family and friends had given me (based only on their experiences, of course) and whatever any doctor said, but nothing that I had actually studied myself. When I hit the second trimester, I started to get anxious about every single little thing because I had no clue what my body was doing or what my baby was doing in there and the anxiety of not knowing when the birth was going to actually happen was killing me! So, I took a couple of birthing classes to feel more empowered... But at the end, I ended up having a c-section because I complied to what my doctor said rather than standing in my power and intuition!! 

Since then, I've found pregnancy and birth more and more fascinating and I decided to become a doula because I wanted to show up for families the way I would've loved for someone to show up and advocate for me and my family when we needed it most (during my pregnancy and birth, AKA, the MOST vulnerable moments of my whole life!!!). 

I fully believe in the power of a woman who has carried a child for 9 months (or as long as you've carried your child), I know that if your body has known what to do during that time, it won't all of a sudden stop knowing what to do when you're about to give birth!! I fully believe in the power of both baby and mom working together... I believe in families taking charge of their own birth rather than being managed and told what to do or how to give birth. BIRTH IS A NATURAL PROCESS! You don't see anyone telling a cow how to breathe through labor, you don't see anyone bugging any of these other mammals while their laboring and giving birth... Therefore, I believe that my role as a doula is mostly to WITNESS YOU. To be there for you in whatever way you need me. If you need an advocate, I will be your advocate! If you need a friend, I will be your friend! I believe in nurturing you, helping you stay informed so that you feel empowered and ready to make your own decisions... I WILL NEVER EVER MAKE A DECISION FOR YOU AND I WILL ALWAYS HONOR WHATEVER DECISION YOU MAKE BASED ON WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!! 

As mentioned above, I am a hands-off doula... The only thing I will 100% do is NURTURE YOU. I believe that doulas are basically the MOMS of the family during the birth process! We're there to nurture you, to cheer you on when you need it, to encourage you when you get discourage, etc etc etc... And of course, if you truly want suggestions or assistance with coping with pain, positions or anything else, I will adjust to that and do what you need me to do, otherwise, I will simply let you stand in your power and nurture you or advocate for you when needed!! 

I am SO looking forward to working with you and your family!!! :) 

Spanish, French
Angela Vargas