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Connected Root Center
PO Box 86
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Ruth Ever

Professional Qualifications

sliding scale $75-125 plus workshops/classes
  • Private sessions
  • One time workshops
  • Ongoing classes
  • In person and online
  • Sliding scale fees
  • Free brief consultation to explore if this is a good fit for your needs
  • Focus on preventing and reducing impact of bladder issues, pelvic organ prolapse and related issues
  • Find out more at
  • I am a certified Whole Woman Practitioner and Psychosynthesis trained life coach, with a decades long background as a health educator and a Masters in Public Health.
  • As a WW practitioner, I help women deal with pelvic organ prolapse, bladder leaking and related issues using non-invasive, research based techniques. It is part educational, part skills based, with focus on posture, breathing, toileting techniques, exercises and more.
  • I partner with a Guild certified Feldenkrais practitioner, Fritha Pengelly, and we have created several effective and engaging workshops and classes that we offer online. 
  • I bring compassion, humor, non-judgement and encouragement to everyone I work with and believe that we each have the power within us to take charge of our own health and be an informed consumer.
Certified Whole Woman Practitioner, note that could not type into personal or services provided section. would like to explain more about what we offer, thanks
Ruth Ever