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Jennifer Hydefrost

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SPECIAL RATE!! Get Expert postpartum care from a midwife!! Jennifer's normal $40/hr rate is reduced to $35/hr!  And better yet for certain times of the week & for financial hardship the rate is reduced dramatically to $25/hr!!
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Holistic Postpartum Midwifery Care

Click here for information on postpartum midwifery care.

Postpartum Doula Care

SPECIAL RATE!! Get Expert postpartum care from a midwife!! Jennifer's normal $40/hr rate is reduced to $35/hr!  And better yet for certain times of the week & for financial hardship the rate is reduced dramatically to $25/hr!! Just email Jennifer for which hours are offered at such a great rate! All this from very experienced doula!  See details below...

Experienced care given by a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). The following is a comprehensive list of services. It is given in no particular order of importance. Every family is different. So each family will decide for themselves what services are most important to them.

  • Free one hour consultation to see if we are a good match.           
  • Emotional support during this time of transition
  • Household chores, such as cooking, laundry, tidying, washing dishes, vacuuming
  • Creatively tailoring the traditional "40 day Lying-in Period" to fit your situation & make your postpartum period a time to fully recover, body, mind & soul
  • Preparing delicious, nourishing bone broths, soups & stews. (I have extensive experience with many ways of eating, including GAPS, Weston Price/Sally Fallon Nourishing Traditions, Vegan & Vegetarian.)
  • Special focused time for older child/children also going through a big transition
  • TWINS/Multiples!!  Happy to offer my experience with twins or more!  Can offer references of many happy previous clients who have twins. 
  • Pet care (dogwalking, extra love, even cleaning the litterbox!)
  • Tongue & lip tie support
  • Baby feeding support
  • Babywearing support
  • Elimination communication support (aka diaper free)
  • Breast pumping support
  • Traumatic birth listening support
  • Baby care for parent(s) to have some time to shower, take a walk, give older child(ren) special attention, or to do anything else that is desired without a baby in arms
  • Support setting up additional help from family, friends & community members (ie setting up a meal train, a playdate calendar for older child(ren), creating a to-do list for visitors, etc)
  • Daytime email & phone support between visits
  • Offer additional resources, as needed: lactation consultant, mental health provider, placenta encapsulation, new parents groups, etc
  • Chocolate!!
Our Baby Class of the Pioneer Valley
  • Offering 8 different evidence based classes for new & expecting parents.  Classes taught at the Birthplace Baystate Franklin Medical Center!  Families planning to give birth at home or at a different hospital are also welcome.  Check out for current class times & dates.  Classes available for expecting families as well as those in the first year postpartum.

Available for 2018 & beyond

I am a doula, midwife, mother, and wife. I offer you a wealth of knowledge brought from professional as well as personal experience. I have a special warmth in my heart for the postpartum family. Having supported more than 90 families through this postpartum time, I have seen that there are some universal needs for all families and also that each family is unique. I have respect for those similarities & differences & am open to learning from your family as well. Having gone through 2 extremely different postpartums personally, I know how important it is to get the right care from the right person, in a timely manner. I provide compassionate, open, non-judgemental care during this most tender of times.

So often postpartum plans are forgotten, with most of the focus going to the birth. As a midwife, I understand how important birth is, and the brief weeks after the birth, set the family up for years to come. Some ways that I support families during the lying-in period can have dramatic effects on the way all members of that family perceive this sensitive time. Providing support can shorten recovery time from many months to mere weeks. I model helpful, loving care to other friends & family so that care may continue even after I leave. I provide much needed breaks for self-care for the baby's primary caregiver & the folks that are taking care of the primary caregiver too! All of this, can help set the family up for baby's first year, with family members feeling more relaxed & well-rested, treating each other with respect, gratitude & awe for all that they bring to the family.

Ideally, we will meet during pregnancy, to create a postpartum plan beforehand, so families know where to get support from when they need it. Having said that, I am also happy to meet with families after their baby has arrived. I am very good at figuring out what is needed in the moment, so please don't hesitate to contact me if your baby is in your arms & you need help NOW!

Families hire me for as little as one 2 hour visit and as much as twice weekly for several months. You know what will work best for your family. I am here to support you so that you can do the work of falling in love with your baby!

Holistic Postpartum Midwifery Care, Pioneer Valley Our Baby Class & Certified Go Diaper Free Coach
Jennifer Hydefrost