Eva Fahey

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Hampshire, Hampden, and Franklin Counties
Eva Fahey

Professional Qualifications

Sliding Scale $0-800 Postpartum Care $30/hr Free consultation meeting and open to trade/barter. Committed to making doula care accessible to you.
Adoption, Anxiety and Phobias, Babywearing Support, Bellycasting, Birth After Loss, Breastfeeding Support, Children with Special Needs, Elective Cesarean, Fertility Support, Homebirth, LGBTQ+ Families, Meal Preparation, Nutrition, Optimal Fetal Positioning, Parents with Disabilities, Photography, Single Parents, Sleep, Special Spiritual/Religious Needs, Surrogacy, Teen Parents, Twins/Multiples, Unmedicated Birth, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, Waterbirth

Prenatal Support

- 2-3 Prenatal Visits

- Birth preparation support (includes help creating your birth plan, access to resources/books/information, and thorough labor preparation support)

- Additional phone, email, and remote support as needed

- 24/7 On-Call period starting two weeks before your due date until your birthing day


Labor & Delivery Support

- Remote early labor support (phone, video call)

- Partner/family support throughout labor

- Support as an advocate for you and your choices, support with informed consent 

- Continual fully present physical and emotional support throughout active labor until your delivery 

- Care for ~1-hour post-birth 

- Lactation support for early breastfeeding immediately following birth (optional)

- Labor and Birth Digital Photography (optional)



-  1-2 postpartum visits in your home

- Remote support  (phone, email, etc.) 

- Breastfeeding support during the postpartum visit(s) (optional)

As an artist and mother, I feel passionate about supporting birthing people to have an empowered birth experience where you feel fully supported and cared for. I serve you as a doula with humility and deep respect for your choices and individual circumstances. I will support you with empathy and be fully present during my time with you. I come without judgment and fully support your choices and all desired birth experiences. Through trauma-informed care, I will help you create a positive, warm, and welcoming environment for you and your family throughout your pregnancy and birthing experience. With respect for your cultural, religious, and spiritual beliefs and/or practices, I welcome all families including but not limited to LGBTIQA+ families, BIPOC families, adoption, surrogacy, VBAC, and birth after loss. My role is to be with you emotionally and physically, to care for you as you move through the transformative experience of birth. 
Birth Photography
Eva Fahey