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Rock Valley Doula Services
Western, MA
Elissa Carney

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Baystate Medical Center, Holyoke Medical Center

My job will be to assist you in harnessing your inner power to have the best birth experience possible, no matter your circumstance. As I have just finished my doula training, I am currently offering my services on a volunteer basis. I can assist you in understanding all of your options and learn your preferences so that I may amplify your voice at any point in this process. Due to proximity concerns with COVID I am willing to get creative with how we interact. Whether that means we never actually meet in person- all that matters is that you get the support you desire. For more information about my services and how to book an initial consultation please visit my website at rockvalleydoulaservices.com. I also welcome any and all questions via email. 

Hi there, I am Elissa. I am a current nursing student and mother of a lively 18 mo old. I have the ambition of becoming a homebirth midwife. You can learn more about me, my team member Maggie Bruce and why we chose birth work on our website at rockvalleydoulaservices.com

Elissa Carney