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Southeastern Vermont, Northeastern Massachusetts, Southwestern New Hampshire
Kayla Brookins

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Birth Package: $1,500/Postpartum Package: $500/Complete Package: $2,000
Breastfeeding Support, Homebirth, Meal Preparation, Nutrition, Unmedicated Birth, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, Waterbirth
  • I offer three set packages to support you during your pregnancy journey: the Birth Package covers prenatal and labor support, the Postpartum Package is for those looking for extra help once Baby arrives, and the Complete Package offers support throughout your entire pregnancy journey. All packages provide space to address the emotional and spiritual challenges of pregnancy for both parents and include lactation/feeding support. 
  • The Birth Package: $1,500

    The Birth Package includes three 3-hour prenatal meetings and continuous labor support (I will be on call for your birth from 38-42 weeks of pregnancy). We will begin each meeting with a meditation or breathing exercise and emotional and spiritual check-in. Topics covered include the physiology of labor, comfort measures and movement during labor, newborn abilities, breastmilk production, and many more. 

  • The Postpartum Package: $500

    The Postpartum Package includes four 2-hour postpartum meetings, which will also begin with a meditation or breathing practice and emotional and spiritual check-in. The remaining time will be tailored to meeting the client’s specific needs: ex. preparing meals, assisting with latch, answering lactation and postpartum healing questions, etc. All possible supports will be discussed and agreed upon prenatally. 

  • The Complete Package: $2,000

    The Complete Package combines all services listed above: three 3-hour prenatal meetings, continuous labor support, and four 2-hour postpartum meetings. Topics covered include all those listed above as well as delayed cord clamping, the first hour after birth, feeding options (breast, formula, donor milk), etc. Postpartum supports could also include grocery shopping, assistance with breast pump, etc.

My name is Kayla Brookins, and I have been studying and preparing for birth work since 2017. While I initially wanted to work with birthing people as a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), after my first semester of nursing school, I knew the clinical route was not for me. I truly and deeply believe in physiologic birth: that your body knows how to birth, it was built to birth, that no one knows better than you how to birth your baby. My role as your doula is to encourage you to listen and follow the guidance coming from within yourself and from your baby to have the most empowered birthing experience and introduction to parenthood possible. 

I received my training to be a birth doula, postpartum doula, and peer lactation counselor from the Maternity Care Coalition in Philadelphia, PA. 

Peer Lactation Counselor; I also have some herbal and nutrition knowledge I incorporate into my practice.
Kayla Brookins