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Sari Fein

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Sliding Scale: $500-$1350 for standard birth doula package
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Anxiety and Phobias, Breastfeeding Support, Fertility Support, Special Spiritual/Religious Needs, Trauma Informed Care, Unmedicated Birth
  •  My goal is for all birthing people to feel supported, empowered, and cared for during their pregnancy and birth. I offer support in the following ways:

    Standard Birth Doula Package

    This package includes:

    • 2 prenatal visits, virtual or at your home, which include conversation, education, setting birth goals, “labor rehearsal,” and more

    • 24/7 on-call availability from 38 weeks until delivery

    • Emotional and physical support during labor and delivery

    • Immediate postpartum support at your place of birth

    • 1 postpartum visit at your home

    • Availability by phone, text, and email throughout prenatal and postpartum period

      • I believe that every birthing person deserves support, and cost should not be a barrier. In the interest of economic justice, my services are offered on a sliding scale in three tiers:

      • Tier 1: $1000-1350

      • Tier 2: $750-1000

      • Tier 3: $500-750

        The Green Bottle can be a helpful tool in determining which tier is most appropriate for you.

      Abridged Birth Doula Package: This package is designed for second-time (or more) parents or those who have thoroughly educated themselves about pregnancy, birth, and delivery, such as by taking a comprehensive childbirth education class. It includes 1 prenatal visit, on-call availability from 38 weeks, phone, text, and email support, and support during labor and delivery. 

      • This package is also offered in three tiers:

      • Tier 1: $750-1000

      • Tier 2: $500-750

      • Tier 3: $250-500


Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

My name is Sari Fein (she/her), and I am a birth doula. I provide education and physical and emotional support to people during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

I became interested in doula work after the birth of my first child in 2017. Though I had a long and challenging labor, I look back on the experience as positive and empowering in large part thanks to the education and support I received from my doula. I wanted everyone to feel the same care and confidence I had experienced during my birth, and so I decided to become a doula myself. I received my doula training from DONA International in Summer 2019. Since then, I have supported births in the Boston area, upstate New York, and Connecticut.

It is my deeply held belief that there is no right or wrong way to bring a child into the world. My goal is to help you have a birth experience in which you feel listened to, supported, and empowered. I support all births, including births with an epidural, unmedicated births, and Caesarean births; whether in a hospital, birth center, or at home. I affirm all LGBTQIA+ families, am trauma informed, and am actively working to become anti-racist.

When I am not supporting birthing people, I am an academic and educator. I currently research motherhood in early Judaism, and teach at Smith College in the Religion and Jewish Studies departments. I live in Northampton, MA with my partner, two daughters, and our cat. I enjoy yoga, baking (and eating baked goods), and am excited to start a backyard chicken flock this spring.

Why Rachamah? In Hebrew, “rachamah” (pronounced ra-HA-ma) is the feminine form of the word “rehem,” which means “womb.” This term is also often used as a verb meaning “to show compassion,” which is a guiding principle of my work as a doula.

Sari Fein