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(415) 794-0516
Western MA and beyond! Occasionally traveling to Southern VT, Boston and NYC. Virtual and in-person meetings.
Lucila Carballo

Professional Qualifications

Baystate Franklin Medical Center, Home Birth, Out-of-Hospital Birth Center
Adoption, Anxiety and Phobias, Birth After Loss, Blessingways/Mother Blessings, Homebirth, LGBTQ+ Families, Nutrition, Parents with Disabilities, Photography, Single Parents, Special Spiritual/Religious Needs, Teen Parents, Trauma Informed Care, Unmedicated Birth, Waterbirth

I provide physical, emotional, and informational support to pregnant people in Spanish and English.

I focus on the particular needs and desires of individuals, families, and communities.

Some of the care options I offer are:

  • Evidence-based birth planning. I provide information to help the pregnant person create a birth plan (or "birth preference"). My support is non-judgemental. I'm open to assisting through a spectrum of approaches, from allopathic medicine to natural/holistic paradigms or a hybrid of both. 
  • Embodied storytelling. I support the pregnant person through the challenges that interfere with achieving such a desired birth experience. Even if we're not conscious, I believe, our embodied memories are marked by personal and intergenerational stories that might come into light during gestation. Some of them are scary and even traumatic. I hold space for those complicated feelings and thoughts, offering compassionate listening. 
  • Rituals of passage. Examples are a pre-birth tarot reading session, a blessingway, or an altar design for birth. If you have particular cultural, spiritual, or religious needs, they will be honored in my care.
  • Comfort techniques. During labor, I can assist with: music, massage, aromatherapy, acupressure, guided breathing, hot-cold therapy, meditation, birth ball, visualization, singing, shower/tub assistance, yoga, creative movement, and hypnosis (Hypnobabies method).
  • Photographs during birth. I can provide this whenever it doesn't interfere with the emotional and physical support, which is my priority.   
  • Family support. I'm open to working with the family to help support the pregnant person before, during, and after the birth. I embrace all forms of kinship: traditional, queer, adoptive, single parent, stepfamilies, teen parents, or friend-families. 
  • English-Spanish bilingual assistance. It's always a pleasure to collaborate with Latinx and Hispanics in our mother tongue! 
  • Virtual and in-person meetings. I co-create the meeting modality together with the pregnant person. I hope that we all feel safe and comforted in this uncertain time. 
  • Back up doula, in the case of overlapping labors or other contingencies. 




I trust that my eclectic background that interweaves an in-depth doula training together with feminist scholarship, art, and spirituality is what makes my doula work distinctive.

My goal is that pregnant people feel deep joy and pleasure during gestation and birth. I wish them to feel rooted and confident, whatever their journey might be.

My doula approach celebrates all bodies, genders, identities, religions, and family configurations.



I'm a volunteer doula. I’m also a mother and a Ph.D. student at UMass. My dissertation focuses on the lived experience of bringing life into the world. 

If you are 18 years old or over, I’d love to assist you as a doula in exchange for collaborating in my research. This is an opportunity to be supported in your birthing journey and to help tell the story of giving birth in 2022. 

Participating in my research is voluntary and confidential.  My doula services are free and flexible to your individual needs. 

Note:If you are in need of services but do not want to participate in my research and/or are under 18, please feel free to reach out - I can put you in touch with other volunteer doulas.


Please, reach out if you have any questions!



Medical anthropologist, photography , and feminist scholar
Lucila Carballo