Julie M Ogg

Contact Info

Volunteer Doula
Hampshire, Hampden, Franklin Counties, Massachusetts.
Julie M Ogg

Professional Qualifications

Baystate Medical Center, Cooley Dickinson Hospital
LGBTQ+ Families, Photography, Single Parents, Teen Parents, Twins/Multiples, Unmedicated Birth, Waterbirth
  • Support after initial consultation: throughout pregnancy through phone, text and email with extended contact from 36 weeks on.
  • During Labor:  direct contact/support at your home or within hospital setting. I can also accommodate virtual support through Zoom or other platforms.
  • Relaxation: massage, music therapy,  aromatherapy, breathing techniques.

  • Photography: Keeping in mind the delicate and intimate nature of birth I am happy to provide photography services to you within your comfort limitations, based upon timing and circumstance.  As always, my focus will be on you and your labor experience.  You will always remember this moment; photographs can be an additional, tangible memory/keepsake. 

I have lived in this area my entire life. Growing up on a farm, I was the curious child who would bear witness to the birth of all our animals. Falling asleep in a stall on a bed of hay next to a newborn calf was never out of the norm for me. 

My journey toward Doula work has been a winding road. I was a teenage mother giving birth to my daughter the day after my 18th birthday and another daughter and son a few years after.  I have experienced the feeling of being a single mother and want others to know that their birth experience is the first step in incredible bonding with their child. My experience with a Doula/Midwife when I was a young mother made me realize I wasn't alone; I was powerful, capable and supported.  The joy of this work comes from support through guidance that becomes a partnership between Doula, those giving birth and their surrounding support people.

I have not only experienced the birth of my three children, but also volunteered to support a family in June of 2019,  a second in March of 2022 and a third in October of 2022.; all of which I feel blessed to say,  have produced lasting friendships and bonds.  I have also experienced many births through family and friends and look forward to full certification in the coming months of 2023.

Keeping in mind Covid-19 restrictions both in and out of hospitals, I am happy to honor to your requests for masks/social distancing and I am fully vaccinated and triple boosted as of September of 2022. We can certainly discuss options as your needs arise.  I look forward to our journey together.

Julie M Ogg