Samantha Bavelock

Contact Info

PO Box 23
Western Mass
Samantha Bavelock

Professional Qualifications

Volunteer/Stipend based
LGBTQ+ Families, Meal Preparation
    • Free consultation meeting
    • 3-4 prenatal visits
      • talk about your visions for your birth!
      • create a birth plan - home? birth center? Hospital?
      • create a postpartum plan
        • baby feeding
        • rest
        • meals
      • guided birth rehearsal (optional)
      • Available on-call for 24 hours a day starting 2 weeks before guess date, until birth

    • Birth Day and labor support
      • Presence and support for all your birthing needs
      • Holding a safe and open space for you to feel confident and comfortable 
      • Supportive position and movement adjustment
      • Support for partners/family members
      • Grounded guidance for in-the-moment decision making

    • 4 postpartum visits
      • Breastfeeding and postpartum support
      • Check-in on the overall health of you, your baby, and your support network
      • Provide any necessary resources

Hello lovely humans! I’m Samantha, a newly trained birth doula. I’m passionate about re-centering the agency of giving birth back to the birther. The focus of my work is to empower families to make the decisions that are best for them and their babies during this memorable and magical time!

COVID-19 precautions: As we all navigate these uncertain times, I am very open to adjusting to your personal needs as well as consider the health and well-being of myself and other birthers. For prenatal and postpartum visits, I am happy to accommodate video or phone call meetings. Given that you and your household are healthy, I can offer in-person meetings where we are in an open environment and keeping 6-feet apart.  For home births, I can provide in-person, hands-on support while wearing a mask. Since there are limitations to how many people can be present for a birth in the local hospitals, I understand that you may want partners or family members present. We can discuss your needs in our initial consultation. Some alternatives for hospital births, is to drive to the hospital with you and provide support through video or phone.

Knowledge of HypnoBabies Childbirth Education, QiGong/Thai Chi, Yoga, cooking, gardening, plant and herb wisdom, artist and singer with focus on therapeutic expression
Samantha Bavelock