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Joyfully serving the pioneer valley (and sometimes beyond!)
Western MA: Homebirth, hospital and birth center. Occasionally traveling to Southern VT and Northwestern CT
Lillian Roberts

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Birth Doula Care(sliding scale)- $850- $1,250 Postpartum Doula Care- $25-$35
Baystate Franklin Medical Center, Baystate Medical Center, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Hartford Hospital, Home Birth, Other Hospital
Adoption, Anxiety and Phobias, Babywearing Support, Birth After Loss, Breastfeeding Support, Children with Special Needs, Elective Cesarean, Homebirth, LGBTQ+ Families, Meal Preparation, Nutrition, Optimal Fetal Positioning, Parents with Disabilities, Photography, Single Parents, Sleep, Special Spiritual/Religious Needs, Surrogacy, Teen Parents, Trauma Informed Care, Twins/Multiples, Unmedicated Birth, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, Waterbirth

*As a birth or postpartum doula client, the books in the Your Story Birth Supports lending library are always available to you! You can view the lending library at*

Birth Doula Support

Birth doula services include support every step of the way:

During Pregnancy

  • Continuous text,call, & zoom support during your pregnancy

  •  2-3 prenatal meetings. During these meetings:

    • we can discuss your hopes for your birthing time and your birth preferences.

    • Discuss optimal fetal positioning and body-balancing techniques to bring more ease and alignment to your body, pelvis, and ligaments. 
    •  If you would like, I can help you to craft a birth wishes document.

    • we can practice positioning and comfort measures that you may wish to use during your birthing time.

    • I can answer any questions or curiosities that might be on your mind.

    • We can go over the basic physiology of the birthing process and the stages of labor/birth.


During Your Birthing Time.

  • Text, zoom, and phone support during early labor.

  • Support during early active labor at your home.

  • Support during active labor at your place of birth.

  • Care during the first 1-2 hours after your birth.Photography using your device, if desired.

  • Photography using your device, if desired.


When you are home

  • A postpartum visit in your home. During this time we can review and reflect about your birth experience and discuss how the transition to life with your new baby has been.


Doula Care Rates: (sliding scale) $850- $1,250.

 Postpartum Doula Support

Having in-home support while you rest, recover and fall in love with your little one is immensely valuable. A plan for at least 2 weeks of deep rest after you give birth along with in-home support is a loving and practical investment in the immediate and long term well-being of yourself and your family.


How can I support you and your family after your baby arrives?:

  • Non-judgmental listening and support
  • Support with infant care (diapering, bathing, soothing)

  • Housework (help with tidying, laundry, dishes etc)

  • In-home food preparation

  • Baby feeding and pumping support

  • Caring for older siblings and/or your infant,

        allowing you some time for yourself

  • Basic infant massage practice

  • Connect you with local wellness resources

  • Home and nursery organization

  • Shopping and errands

  • Pet care (walking and feeding)

  • Screening for postpartum mood disorders

  • Discuss/practice baby carrying and soothing techniques

  • Basic herbal supports (steams, teas, sitz baths etc)

  • Anything that makes your life with your new little one easier and makes you more comfortable! If it is outside my scope, I'll let you know. I'm here to help and my support is tailored to your needs!

       •Week day $30/hour (Monday -Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

       •Evening-overnight-sunrise & weekends $35/hour (5:00pm-9:00am)


Pregnancy, birth and caring for a new little human are experiences that bring many profound changes and significant decisions! It is a joy and an honor to offer you support through these times of deep transition. Together we can collaborate to explore your options, and discover how doula care can be a nourishing support to you and your family. I look forward to getting to know you and learning about whats important to you through these times.

Spanish, ASL
Hypnosis for Birth (Hypnobabies), TENS unit, Knowledgable of Spinning Babies, postpartum belly binding services, Sibling doula services and sibling-centered eduction classes available in ASL to Deaf and hard-of -hearing siblings
Lillian Roberts