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Maddy Hughes

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Maddys Gentle Birth Services
4 Dara lane
Central Massachusetts
Maddy Hughes

Professional Qualifications

500 - 950
Other Hospital, Out-of-Hospital Birth Center
Adoption, Anxiety and Phobias, Birth After Loss, Breastfeeding Support, Children with Special Needs, Elective Cesarean, Fertility Support, LGBTQ+ Families, Photography, Single Parents, Special Spiritual/Religious Needs, Teen Parents, Trauma Informed Care, Unmedicated Birth
  •  Free consultation upon meeting to discuss your birth plan, any questions or concerns you might have surroundomg the birth of your precious baby. 
  • I will provide two prenatal visits as well to talk more about a birth plan, fees and postpartum services.
  • Unlimited phone and email access throughout your pregnancy, for anything. 
  • After 37 weeks I’m on call for you and ready to arrive whenever you need me or desire. 
  • The special time when your labor begins, I will be dedicated and supportive in anyway with different labor techniques,  relaxation options, the rebozo, acupressure, essential oils and herbals, breathing, labor positions and the occasional ice chip trip! I will also provide support for your partner, and do my best to reserve his/her energy for this tender time. It’s my job to keep you comfortable and make this a safe, memorable and peaceful process. I will stay for an hour or two after the birth of your baby to make sure you are happy and at ease.

I am dedicated in giving you the birth you truly deserve for a high quality low cost.

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Maddy Hughes