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Doula Martha Bishop
61 Elm Street, C2, PO Box 44
Northampton, Hill Towns, Greenfield, Westfield, Easthampton, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, Springfield, West Springfield
Martha Bishop

Professional Qualifications

$1200 Birth Doula Services; $75 per hour Lactation Counseling; $40 per hour Postpartum Doula Services, $50 per hour overnights. Booking birth and postpartum services through December 2021
Baystate Medical Center, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Holyoke Medical Center
Adoption, Anxiety and Phobias, Babywearing Support, Birth After Loss, Breastfeeding Support, Children with Special Needs, Elective Cesarean, LGBTQ+ Families, Meal Preparation, Parents with Disabilities, Single Parents, Trauma Informed Care, Twins/Multiples, Unmedicated Birth, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, Waterbirth

Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula and Lactation Counselor.

I am currently available for birth doula services.

  • Individualized prenatal support as needed
  • Labor companion for birth
  • postpartum visit

I am currently available for Infant Feeding support services.

I am currently booking Newborn & New Parent care doula services. All postpartum support is customized to your specific needs.

Individualized coaching available for childbirth and infant feeding preparation, 4 one hour sessions $200 or for more information.  Please note, booking fees may apply outside of service area.


Comfort, education, and emotional support are the cornerstones of doula service.

This is your birth, your baby, and you expect excellent support!

What does excellent support mean to you?

Does it mean...

-I can text or call my doula whenever I need to - for instance, to find out if it's safe to eat the tiramisu I just ordered because there's no time to google it.

-having my doula research and present the breast pump options that best meet my criteria because I plan to continue breastfeeding when I go back to work.

-I can call my doula after a morning spent shopping for the nursery because I'm SO EXCITED and I HAVE to tell somebody about it right now!!!!!!!

-my doula is with me for my planned cesarean without voicing an opinion, unlike my mother-in-law who won't stop judging me. 

-I need help deciding which hospital to use for my birth. I've discovered as much as I can online and by calling the different providers, I need someone who knows the ins and outs and can help me fine-tune my research.

-I don't need much until I go into labor, and then I need my doula to come right away....not to do anything for me, I just need her presence.

-I'm totally good, but my partner needs help.  I need my doula to support and educate him or her through the pregnancy and birth process so they can be prepared and ready to support me when I need it.  I also need to know someone else will make sure my partner eats and sleeps some while I'm in labor.

-I need help when I get home with my new baby. I don't even know yet what I need, but I know you'll help me figure it out.

If you are interested in meeting with me to discuss how I could best serve your needs during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum, please call: 413-588-7483 or email: 





Infant feeding support
Martha Bishop