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Anna Westley

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Motherwell Doula Care
Since 2005
Openings available for 2018-2019 Fall, Winter & Spring families. I attend births in Greenfield, Northampton, Springfield, Holyoke, Pittsfield and home. For postpartum support I travel much of the Pioneer Valley and points west and north.
Anna Westley

Professional Qualifications

$1200 Birth Doula Care $35-50/hour Postpartum Doula Care (higher rates are for multiples and overnights) Sliding scale, payment plans and barter arrangments are available for low income families
Baystate Franklin Medical Center, Baystate Medical Center, Berkshire Medical Center, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Holyoke Medical Center, Home Birth, Other Hospital
Adoption, Anxiety and Phobias, Babywearing Support, Birth After Loss, Breastfeeding Support, Children with Special Needs, Elective Cesarean, Fertility Support, Homebirth, LGBTQ+ Families, Meal Preparation, Nutrition, Optimal Fetal Positioning, Parents with Disabilities, Photography, Single Parents, Sleep, Special Spiritual/Religious Needs, Surrogacy, Teen Parents, Twins/Multiples, Unmedicated Birth, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, Waterbirth

BIRTH SUPPORT / includes:

  • An interview (at no charge) to give you the opportunity to determine if you would like me to be a part of your birth experience. I invite you to ask questions about how doulas help, my experience and training, the services I offer including rates and availability and anything else that's on your mind.

Once I am hired I offer:

  • Two prenatal visits at your home (one with you and one with you and your husband or partner) to get to know each other and to get a sense of how I can help you have a safe, healthy and satisfying birth experience as YOU define it. I invite you to share with me your hopes and concerns about giving birth, your preferences about your care and your baby's care during pregnancy, labor, delivery and the immediate postpartum period and to ask any questions you have about anything at all!
  • By request and on a case by case basis I will attend prenatal visits with you and your health care provider and I will accompany you during any prenatal procedures.
  • Unlimited daytime phone and email contact with you for the remainder of your pregnancy.
  • Resources and referrals tailored to the needs and interests of your family. For example: parenting multiples, postpartum emotional complications, cloth diapering, baby wearing, breastfeeding and working outside the home, safe sleeping practices, childbearing loss and more.
  • I will be on call for you from week 38 to week 42 of your pregnancy.
  • CONTINUOUS LABOR SUPPORT = I will join you at home or at the hospital at any point in your labor that you wish. I will provide emotional, physical and informational support until your baby is born and you and your new family are resting comfortably (typically two to four hours after delivery).
  • A visit to your home in the first weeks of your baby's life to talk about the birth and admire your baby.



  • An interview (at no charge) to give you the opportunity to determine if you would like me to be a part of your postpartum experience. I invite you to ask questions about how doulas help, my experience and training, the services I offer including rates and availability and anything else that's on your mind.

Once I am hired I offer:

  • Support visits tailored to your needs including:
    • Willing, efficient, practical household help with cooking, dishes, errands, laundry, taking out trash, vacuuming, organizing and more
    • Respectful, openminded responses to questions you may have about caring for your new baby including approaches to feeding and sleep
    • Skilled, experienced childcare for your new baby and older children so you can sleep, eat, bathe, get things done, have some time to yourself and more
    • Compassionate, nonjudgmental companionship and emotional support
  • Extensive referrals to local resources
  • Punctual, professional delivery of services
  • Daytime phone and email support between visits
  • A schedule of support that meets your needs: Visits can be daily, weekly, a few times a week or on a week to week basis. I provide as few as one visit and as many as twice weekly visits for several months. Some families contact me prenatally, many reach out after their baby or babies are born. Some families schedule months in advance and some contact me on a week to week, as needed basis. Most visits are three hours or more. Every situation is different, as every family is different!



What's on your mind about your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience? Do you have questions or concerns and need someone to work through them with? Families are faced with many decisions during the childbearing year and it can be overwhelming to sift through the information available and move forward with clarity, confidence and ease. A doula consult is an empowering step towards enjoying your pregnancy and preparing for birth and life with your new baby. You bring your worries, hopes and ideas. I listen without judgement and provide tools, information and resources that surround you with support as you move through this time of great change. Consults provide support at any time in your family building journey from pre-conception to after your baby has arrived.

I am a DONA certified birth and postpartum doula serving growing families since 2005. I have seen again and again that thriving families have abundant support. It is an honor to provide that support during pregnancy, birth and the early days with your new baby.

My intention as a doula is to cultivate physical and emotional wellbeing for families during times of transition. I serve my clients with respect, compassion and non-judgment. I trust that you have the wisdom to navigate this time in your life in your own way. I follow your lead in all things and provide information and support along the way.

I have birth doula experience with hospital and home births, surgical births and VBAC. I have postpartum doula experience with twins, overnights, loss, emotional complications, feeding challenges, in-hospital support, the NICU and more. I enjoy working with all kinds of families and parenting styles. In particular, I aim to provide safe and affirming care to LGBTQ+ and polyamorous families. As a certified doula I consistently pursue continuing education that enriches and deepens the care I offer families.

After attending a mind blowing weekend with legendary midwife Ina May Gaskin in 2004 I became interested in supporting families during pregnancy, labor and the early days of parenting. The doula role felt like a good match for my strengths, personality and lifestyle. While working as a nanny part time I rapidly pursued training and certification with DONA and loved my first experiences with birth. I was hooked!

When I became pregnant myself in 2006 I decided to take a break from doula work and focus on my own experience of motherhood. Birth and postpartum were life altering on many levels. I experienced the pleasure of a supported birth and the pain of feeding challenges followed by a long period of emotional complications including anxiety and depression.

In 2008 I moved with my young family from Brooklyn to rural New York state. The culture shock and isolation I experienced there taught me the immense value of community and support networks for parents. During this period I completed my postpartum doula certification while caring for my young son, raising chickens and goats and growing vegetables on a homestead scale. In 2010 we moved to Ashfield and fell in love with Western Massachusetts. My son started preschool and I founded Motherwell Doula Care.

From 2011 to 2014 I served as the family coordinator for It Takes a Village, a free neighbor to neighbor postpartum support organization. I trained volunteers in the community to provide postpartum support visits to families with newborns living in the Hilltowns. In 2012 I founded a support group based on the MotherWoman model to serve rural mothers of young children.

In 2014 we welcomed a second child into our family after a long season of infertility. These days I am joyfully balancing doula work with raising my kids, volunteering with It Takes a Village, and farming on a homestead scale.

As of summer 2018, I have supported 100 families! I am proud of the quality of service and depth of experience I am able to offer my clients. I love the doula role and am committed to serving families for years to come.

I look forward to talking with you about your family and learning how I can be of service to you. If you have any questions, please be in touch!

If you'd like to learn more visit my website ( or my Facebook page (Motherwell Doula Care).

Anna Westley