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Balanced Lactation (Lactation Counseling)
Within 45 minutes of Northampton; Farther with extra fee
Rachel Baker, CLC

Professional Qualifications

$50 initial in-home session (+ e-mail summary and follow-up); $30 follow-up in-home session

Lactation and Supplementing Support, Including:

  • Assessment of latch and of suck (including with tongue ties involved)
  • Assistance achieving optimal latch for all mothers and babies (including inverted nipples, painful nipples, people who have had breast surgery, etc.)
  • Counseling around supply issues and guidance around trying to increase supply (or decrease, for oversupply)
  • Support in getting an uninterested baby to latch and/or weaning your baby off of a nipple shield
  • Assistance navigating the world of hand expression and/or pumping, including visual demonstrations (on a model) of the proper way to hand express, assessing whether your pump shields are the proper size, and suggestions that might increase how much you are able to pump
  • Counseling around meeting breastfeeding goals and making choices around supplementation (including providing weight-gain guidelines)
  • Supplemental feeding assistance, including help with an eye-dropper, cup feeding, syringe supplementers, at-breast supplementing systems, or bottles 
  • Assistance introducing formula safely and finding resources to choose a formula that is right for you and your baby
  • Referrals to other local resources such as craniosacral therapists, pediatric dentists, speech-language pathologists, etc.

Hello!  My name is Rachel Baker, and I am a Certified Lactation Counselor.  I am thrilled to be working with breastfeeding, supplementing, AND bottle-feeding families in the Valley area!  Please see my website, e-mail me, or call for more information about services, packages, and prices!

Rachel Baker, CLC