"If you don't know your options, you don't have any."

HELD Doula Services
(203) 233-9114
I provide nurturing, encouraging, compassionate care to families in the Pioneer Valley and Southern Vermont for hospital or home births and in the postpartum period.
Grace Nowakoski

Professional Qualifications

Grace Nowakoski
$800 for birth services. $25-35/hr for postpartum care. Barter and payment plans sometimes possible.
Baystate Franklin Medical Center, Baystate Medical Center, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Holyoke Medical Center
Adoption, Birth After Loss, Homebirth, LGBT Families, Single Parents, Unmedicated Birth, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, Waterbirth

Birth Doula Services

  • No obligation preliminary meeting
  • 1-3 prenatal visits in your home
  • Available with phone, text, and email support as soon as we decide to work together
  • Informative resources
  • On Call from 38 weeks with back-up doula for every birth
  • Labor and birth support
  • 1-2 Postpartum visits


Postpartum Care ($25-35/hr)

  • Compassionate listening and emotional support
  • Help accessing outside resources
  • Assistance with basic household chores
  • Meal preparation: Whole foods, omnivorous, vegetarian, anti-inflammatory, gluten free, vegan
  • Light housecleaning
  • Laundry
  • Infant care
  • Help learning to care for your new baby
  • Childcare for older siblings as your family adjusts to your new family member

Hi! Thanks for considering me as your doula.

I provide nurturing, encouraging, compassionate care to pregnant people (and their partners) in the months leading up to, during labor and birth, and in the weeks and months following.

I offer myself to your family with no agenda. I believe that birth is a beautifully unpredictable journey, and I support all birth choices. As a doula, my motto is: have no expectations, and be prepared for anything.

I want you to have the unique birth experience that is right for you. Every birthing person is different and every birth follows its own path. Your physical and emotional needs, your baby's needs, and your birth wishes will all contribute to your unique birth journey. I offer you my support along that journey.

My background in dance and somatics has given me a deep confidence in the body's own knowledge and deep power. I believe that every pregnant person's body knows how to give birth. I offer tools to help you access your body's knowledge and experience its wisdom in preparation for birth and in labor.

My prenatal visits can consist of very practical help such as working together to create a map of who is in your community of support, discussing specific birth wishes (and contingency plans), and practicing early labor comfort measures; they can also include body-centered, art-based, or verbal processing of deep emotions around parenthood, pregnancy, birth, and changing identity. I believe that transformation is an inevitable part of this journey and am honored to bear witness and hold space for you in that process.

I have spent many years as a nanny for families with infants and toddlers. In that role I've observed the many challenges and questions that come along with the delight and excitement of new parenthood. I offer postpartum support to new families in addition to my birth doula services.

I have completed the Birth Doula certification requirements of Warm Welcome Birth Services with whom I trained in September 2015.